Pokemon Go APK App Download For Android & PC

There are tons of articles about Pokemon Go, the latest sensation to hit the internet. They deal with how to get Pokemon Go app, how to play the game, and how to fix errors on your game. In this short exposition, we will talk about these, along with Pokemon Go apk, for Android, iOS and more.

Pokemongo app

Pokemon Go for beginners. What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon is a very popular series from the 90s, which had quite a cult following that has only touched more lives each passing year. Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality game built by Niantic Labs, owned by Google, which uses your phone’s camera and location systems to help you locate and capture Pokemon you like, as well as train them, battle other users and have fun adventures.

The game took off in July 2016 and it has never looked back since.more and more features continue to be added to the game, as more and more countries and cities get covered by Poke Stops, Gyms and trainers ready to catch ‘em all!

Speaking of features, here are some of the Pokemon Go app:

  • State of the art graphics and Augmented Reality display, which transports you to an altogether new dimension.
  • Easy to play, pause and access.
  • Regular updates mean the app is going to be free of bugs and errors that spoil game experience.
  • Pretty amazing animation, a customisable character and a map that shows real time location along with the pokemon, PokeStops and gyms around you.
  • Fun bonuses like Incense, Lucky Eggs and Raspberries, coupled with ever-essential Pokeballs that makes for a satisfying experience.
  • Capture Pokemon, train them, battle them and revive them to health, all the while managing an economy using reflex skills and more.
  • The game is free to download and play, except the optional in-app purchases.
  • Also, the game rewards physical activity. You’ll need to walk around the city, catch Pokemon and battle them in Gyms. Replenish your supplies by visiting PokeStops and have fun!

Now that we know what all the app holds, let’s see where you can get the app from.

Get Pokemon Go for Android and iPhone

In the respective app stores of both Apple and Android OS, the Pokemon Go game is readily available. The app is completely free to download and play, though there are optional in-app purchases. The app is still not available in select countries, like China or India. The app’s availability should not be a problem for people with Android devices though. Let us tell you how.


If you have an Android device and don’t have the Pokemon Go game available in your country yet, you don’t need to wait till the developers cope with the demand and supply of server space. You can get the app directly using the Pokemon Go APK file.

How to get Pokemon Go with APK file

Here are the steps you need to follow to get the game.

  • On your Android, Download Pokemon Go apk file from the internet. You may use google search, or a third party app store like Vidmate, SHAREit or 9apps to get the file. It is a bit heavy, so make sure you have a fast connection and some time to put in.
  • Go to your settings.
  • Enter Security Settings in the panel.
  • Enable Unknown Sources, if it isn’t enabled already. This should allow installation of the apk file you downloaded moments ago.
  • Tap the downloaded file to play it. Go through the permissions listed.
  • Install the app if you’re OK with the permissions required.

The app will be ready in a few moments. You can tap on the icon to launch it, register with a Gmail account and get set to catch ‘em all!

pokemon go apk

How to get Pokemon Go for Windows

Getting Pokemon Go for Windows can be tricky. So try to follow along our method word by word, as we mention it. Hopefully, you will be running the app with ease.

1) Download an Android Emulator like BlueStacks

An Android Emulator is an application that runs Android OS on your Windows or Mac OS PC. This is essential, because Pokemon Go does not come originally built as an .exe file, and so it cannot run on the device directly. BlueStacks can be found on bluestacks.com, to download for free. You can also Google for apps like Andy.

2) Install BlueStacks on Windows

This might take you some time, depending on your processor speed. We recommend closing other applications and saving your data beforehand, because you might have to reboot your PC.

3) Login with a gmail account

The app will require you to login using a gmail ID, to configure Android and allow download and installation of apps via the Play Store. Many might suggest you to skip this step, but it turns out this can speed up your Pokemon Go Install process later on.

4) Download Pokemon Go APK file from the internet.

Use your PC’s web browser to download Pokemon Go apk file. Google Search “Pokemon Go APK for PC”, and get the latest version of the file. You can use a third party site, or an unofficial app store like 9apps, or apps like Vidmate too.

5) Open Pokemon Go apk with BlueStacks.

The easiest way to do this is to right click the downloaded file, choose “Open With” and then click BlueStacks to run it. The app should begin installing on its own on the emulator’s Android interface.

6) Open the app and set up your account.

The installation doesn’t take more than a minute to complete. To play the app, go to “My Apps” and run the Pokeball icon to start the game. You can now set up the app using your gmail account that you logged in with earlier. Didn’t we tell you it was going to make it simpler for you?

Your app is ready to play. Go ahead and catch ‘em all!

In Conclusion:

It can be very easy to Get Pokemon Go for your device, if you know how to go about it. The game is only getting bigger by the day, and the sensation is yet to officially hit several countries yet. The app’s popularity can be estimated by the fact that the huge surge of users crashed the Pokemon Go servers quite a lot of times. And therefore, we highly recommend you get the app for your device!

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